Dyscreen Dyslexia Screener

👋 This is your dyslexia screening result.

Screenee's name:
Lisa Cowan
Parent or Guardian's email:
Screening Date:
24 August 2021
Dystech certification

Moderate likelihood

Our screener has analysed the audio recordings of Lisa Cowan and has detected a moderate likelihood of dyslexia.

Where to from here?

We recommend beginning a conversation with your child’s school using our free Parent Support Letter. Your child needs appropriate support and interventions put in place and may require further detailed assessment.

For further information and support:

  1. Check your specific Department of Education website for resources on specific learning difficulties
  2. Contact your local dyslexia association and have a chat with them
  3. Join dyslexia support groups (many online) and ask questions
  4. Visit the International Dyslexia Association for more information
  5. Remember that dyslexia is NOT related to intelligence or laziness
Parent Support Letter

Keen to learn more?

We’ve got a lot more information about our Dyscreen dyslexia screener on our website. You can also read our research and scientific publications while you are there!

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